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Mail Call

Mail Call is a special surprise for the Veterans who fly on the Honor Flight! Mail Call is a packet of mail made up of letters and cards from family members, friends, neighbors and others expressing their appreciation and thanks to a Veteran for their service to our country.

Each Veteran traveling on the Honor Flight will have a "Mail Call Family Coordinator" that is asked to help gather mail for Mail Call. This individual will be contacted by an Old Glory Honor Flight Volunteer prior to the flight.

The Mail Call Family Coordinator should contact family members, friends, VFW Post buddies, church friends, neighbors, etc. and ask them to write letters and cards for their Veteran. The Mail Call Family Coordinator should collect all mail for their Veteran and then send one package containing all of the mail to the designated Old Glory Honor Flight address listed below. Mail Call packets must be mailed in 2 weeks prior to the date of the flight!

Please Note: If the Mail Call Family Coordinator is unable to assist with coordinating the mail prior to the flight, Old Glory Honor Flight asks that they contact another family member or friend to help with Mail Call. We don't want your Veteran to be without mail!

****Please note that you are submitting Mail Call for Old Glory Honor Flight. Our group is based out of Appleton, Wisconsin serving Veterans of the Northeast Wisconsin region. Be sure that you are mailing your Mail Call to the correct Honor Flight hub. ****

All mail for your Veteran should be sent in ONE PACKAGE to the following address:

Old Glory Honor Flight Mail Call
C/O "Veteran'’s Full Name Here"
W6390 Challenger Drive, Suite 243
Appleton, WI 54914

Please be sure to list the Veteran’s Full Name on the package to ensure that the package is properly identified. Packages labeled as "Dad" or "Grandpa" may be impossible to properly identify.

Mail can be hand delivered to the above address up until 1 week prior to flight day. Mail Call can be dropped off in person at the Airport Adminstration Office located on the 2nd floor of the Appleton International Airport during normal business hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday.

Questions regarding Mail Call? Contact Jamie Vogeltanz via phone @ 920-255-2730 or send an email to


Don't have a veteran on the flight, but still want to send mail?
Write letters to our honored veterans. Just address the letter, card or picture as "Dear Veteran" and thank them for their service and sacrifices. If you have children in school, have them start a class project to write letters or collect donations. Remind our children that freedom isn't free and these are the heroes who gave up their freedom so that we may enjoy ours.

Send Letters to:

Old Glory Honor Flight Mail Call
W6390 Challenger Drive, Suite 243
Appleton, WI 54914

(Please Note: only send individual letters if you do not have a veteran on the flight. If you know your veteran, send your mail call to the Mail Call Family Coordinator as listed above.)