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Old Glory Honor Flight is proud to announce a first-of-its-kind mission set for the fall of 2023. The Freedom to Liberty Tour: A Mission of Healing will head to New York City to visit the 9/11 Memorial, 9/11 Museum, the Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty. This three-day tour is set for September 28 through October 1, 2023. The mission will include fifty veterans who served during the Global War on Terrorism as a means to honor and thank them for their service and to remind them that their service mattered.This mission, which is free to the veterans, will provide a meaningfulopportunity for them to heal and bond with other GWOT vets.  

“We’re thrilled to recognize this very deserving, special group of men and women who served during America’s longest war. We know many of these vets are hurting, so by gathering them together, sharing stories and spending quality time together, it’s our hope they’ll find meaning and heal from residual, often painful, memories,” said Diane MacDonald, Executive Director of Old Glory Honor Flight.  

Ken Corry, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, U.S. Air Force veteran and ambassador to this mission feels the time is right. “I work with veterans on a daily basis and they are hurting right now. We must keep working to bring down the veteran suicide rate, increase mental health awareness and help them heal. These vets need to know that they’re never alone. I’m so proud to be working with Old Glory on this; I know it will make a difference in the lives of the veterans.” 

The fifty veterans will be chosen by random draw, and the application period runs from February 1, 2023, through February 28, 2023. Eligibility factors, including dates of service, area of deployment and residency requirements, will be listed on the Old Glory website. The application can be found at  

Old Glory Honor Flight, a nonprofit who is dedicated to honoring local veterans one mission at a time, plans to continue its flights to D.C. in addition to hosting special Honor Flight missions such as the Freedom to Liberty Tour: A Mission of Healing. To date, Old Glory has transported 5,450 veterans on Old Glory Honor Flight missions.  

Old Glory Honor Flight is a registered 501(c)3 organization.  Corporate and individual donations are encouraged and needed for this mission.  Please visit for more information and thank you for your support. 
Media Inquiries please contact Diane MacDonald at 920.257.2563 
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