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Mail Call is a special surprise for all our veterans who fly on an Old Glory Honor Flight mission! Mail Call is made up of cards and letters from family, friends, and neighbors expressing their appreciation and thanks to our veterans and it's a nostalgic throwback to when the veteran was deployed many decades ago. 

For each vet traveling on an Old Glory Honor Flight mission, we will reach out to one of the vets' family members to help us coordinate this meaningful project. The family member will be asked to assist in gathering mail from family, friends, VFW members, civic groups, neighbors, church friends, or anyone else who'd like to partake by sending a card, letter or picture for their veteran. Mail should be send in one package containing all of the mail to the address listed below.
Mail Call is due 2 weeks prior to the mission.

Please send all the Mail Call mail in ONE LARGE ENVELOPE to:

Old Glory Honor Flight Mail Call
C/O "Veteran's Full Name Here" (not Dad, Mom or Grandpa, etc.)
W6390 Challenger Drive, Suite 243
Appleton, WI 54914

Or, Mail Call can be dropped off, address above, up until the week prior to the mission at the Airport Administration Office, on the 2nd floor of the Appleton International Airport 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday. Stairs and elevator are located north of the ticket counter. Mail must be taken to the office, please do not leave it at the ticket counter. 

Questions regarding Mail Call? Email us at

Don't have a veteran on the flight, but still want to participate in Mail Call?
Write letters, make cards or submit artwork to our honored male and female veterans from all branches of service. Please do not date them and send them in at least 2 weeks prior to our flight(s). If you have children in school, have them start a class project to write letters or collect donations. Remind our children that freedom isn't free and these are the heroes who gave up their freedom so that we may enjoy ours.

Send cards and letters to:

Old Glory Honor Flight Mail Call
General Mail 
W6390 Challenger Drive, Suite 243
Appleton, WI 54914