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Return To Korea FAQ

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I have already been on an Old Glory Honor Flight. Am I still eligible to apply for the Return to KOREA Flight?
Yes. Prior participation does not negate eligibility for the Return to KOREA flight provided you meet the other unique eligibility requirements as outlined on the application form. 

Can I still apply even if I do not live within Old Glory Honor Flights region of operation?
No. The special, onetime only Return to KOREA flight is dedicated to eligible Korea Veterans living within Old Glory Honor Flights region of Northeastern Wisconsin. A flight region map can be found under the “apply now” tab on this site. Old Glory Honor Flight covers the region in Yellow. 

How will I know my application has been received for the Return to KOREA flight? 
You will receive an immediate e-mail response to the e-mail address that was given within the application process. If you do not receive an e-mail your application more than likely did not go through. Common issues would be not including all the needed information or misuse of the "I am not a Robot" section. 
I am already on the current Old Glory Honor Flight waiting list. Do I still need to fill out the separate Return to KOREA application? Will this then negate me from flying on a regular Old Glory Honor Flight when my turn comes? 
Yes, you will need to fill out the special Return to KOREA application.
No, this will not affect your status in our wait list for a regular flight. You will still be eligible. 

If I apply over and over will I be entered into the drawing with better odds? 
No. Our programming limits applicants to one application submission. It is a waste of time to keep applying.

I want to apply to be a Guardian on the Return to KOREA flight. Can I do that?  
No, unless you are applying to accompany a specific veteran that has been selected to participate.

I applied for the Return to KOREA flight and to fly on a regular flight. If I am not chosen for Return to KOREA will this have an effect on my other application for a regular flight? 
No. The two flights are independent of each other. If you are not selected for Return to KOREA it has no effect on your status for a regular flight. 
Can I bring my wife or another family member along to enjoy this trip?
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate spouses or significant others on this trip.  Family members that are at least one generation younger than the vet may apply to accompany a veteran after the veteran has been selected to participate. The fee for your guardian will be $500.  Once Korean Veteran is selected Old Glory Honor Flight will contact you and your family member for next steps in the process.
Can my wife or other family members meet us in Korea and then stay with me?
No. Our ground transportation and hotel accommodations will not allow for this.
How much money do I need to bring? Is there currency exchange available? Will my Credit Cards work? 
Based upon input from our travel partner people generally bring $400 to $600 on each trip for shopping, tips and any meals that would not be included.
Our hotels will all offer currency exchange so there is no reason to convert a lot of US Dollars before leaving the United States. US Currency is accepted in many places but it is advisable to keep some local currency with you as well. Whatever you bring from US Dollars should be smaller denominations of $50 dollar bills or less. 
Credit cards are generally accepted throughout Korea with Visa and Mastercard being accepted everywhere.  Some places will accept American Express but this should not be your only option. You will definitely need to contact your card provider if you are selected and do plan to travel in Korea. Be aware that most Credit Card providers to apply a 3% conversion fee for purchases made outside the US. ATM’s are available but only dispense Korean denominations. DO NOT BRING TRAVELERS CHECKS. They are not accepted anywhere in Asia.
What happens if I get ill or injured and I require medical attention outside of what can be provided by the medically trained personnel traveling with us?
We will be traveling with volunteer trained medical professionals including a Physician. They are however not licensed to practice medicine in Korea. Should the situation require our Travel Partner carries travel insurance that includes private aerial medical evacuation should it be deemed necessary.
What if I never served in direct support of or in country in Korea?
Eligibility is based upon service during the recognized time frame per the application in the country of Korea. This would also include Navy veterans serving in the waters off the Korean peninsula. If selected you will be required to produce your DD214 during our required assessment meeting.
Will I need a valid US Passport?
Yes. You must have a valid US Passport to travel outside of the United States.
My passport expired and I really do not want to get a new one if I am not selected. How is that managed?
Old Glory Honor Flight highly recommends interested applicants acquire a valid US Passport. However, if you wish to wait we recommend you have the necessary material prepared so that if you are selected to participate you are able to apply immediately and request expedited processing. Those who do not have a valid US Passport will be filling out the application at our mandatory assessment meeting in TBD to ensure readiness to travel.
I smoke, do I need to bring Cigarettes?
Foreigners to Korea may carry up to 200 cigarettes into the country. There are several “western” businesses in operation throughout Korea where tobacco products are sold.
Will alcohol be available?
Like most modern countries, alcohol is readily available and its consumption is accepted in Korea, but we do ask that our participants exercise restraint. Each participant will be required to sign a personal conduct pledge. Old Glory Honor Flight’s reputation is our most prized asset. Violation of social norms and laws of our host nation will not be tolerated. Public drunkenness and use of illicit drugs will be among the list of prohibited activities that will result in the early termination of the participant(s) trip.
If selected can I fly over to Korea with your group but then make plans outside of the itinerary?
No. Participation with Old Glory Honor Flight on the Return to KOREA trip is limited to the group itinerary. Travelers will not be allowed to make other travel plans outside of the established group function. 

What should I do to ensure I have access to direct communication with my family in the United States while traveling in Korea?
“Telephone Calls and the Internet: Most normal call plans lack the ability to make and receive calls from Asia to the US and vice versa. Even if you have an international plan it may be rather expensive. Texting may be a good alternative. Check with your carrier to explore options for overseas travel. Calls using hotel phones will also be expensive. If you need daily contact with the US, buying a local phone for about $50 plus buying time is your best bet. If you need to make one or two calls while in country, your tour leader has a phone you may borrow for limited use. The internet is available at most locations, and Wi-Fi is free or very nominal.” 
Any carrier can give you an International Travel plan but pricing of course is dependent on a number of factors. The internet is often available at our hotels so things like the WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, I-Phone Facetime and other internet based communication links are a good option when WiFi is available. 

Is South Korea safe to visit?
On average 13 million people visit South Korea each year and it is considered one of the safest destinations in the world.  A lot of people are worried about the threat from North Korea and hesitate to visit because of it. Whilst it’s a genuinely tense border situation, the security here is high, to say the least. The DMZ is very secure, albeit touristy at times, and is run by the US Military, who, we all know, mean business.
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