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Guardian Application

The mission of Old Glory Honor Flight would not be successful without the help of our guardians. Guardians play a vital role by ensuring that every veteran has a safe and memorable experience. 
Before submitting your application, please read through requirements below: 

1. I am in good physical health, I am emotionally capable of handling duties assigned to me and I am 69 years old or younger. 

2. I understand spouses or significant others are not eligible to go on the flight with their veteran unless they are also a service date qualified veteran. 

3. I understand the cost for my participation is $500 and I must attend the Guardian Training session (in person only), typically held on a Saturday morning in Appleton prior to flight. 

4. I understand Old Glory Honor Flight flies out of the Appleton International Airport or another airport located in Northeast WI. 

If this is agreeable to you, please submit your application. Thank you!