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Honoring Local War Veterans One Mission at a Time. 

About Us
Old Glory Honor Flight was founded in 2009 by a dedicated group of volunteers based in Appleton, WI. Our original mission was to fly local WW ll veterans to Washington DC on a one-day trip to see the memorials built in their honor, including the World War ll Memorial. Through the years, our mission naturally transitioned to include younger veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars. 

The Old Glory Honor Flight missions are completely free of charge to the veteran; we believe it's a meaningful way to say 'Thank You' for their service and sacrifice. Every detail of their day long trip has the vets' best interest in mind to ensure they have a safe, memorable trip and one that conveys appreciation and admiration from our broad community. On each flight, we travel with trained volunteers who act as guardian escorts, a volunteer medical team, professional photographers and a host of others like the DC Park Police who ensure the veterans get the 'red carpet' treatment. 

In 2020 we evolved somewhat based on all the 'special missions' and projects we executed that was an off shoot of our DC based trips because we believed we could do more. Projects like:
  • 'Return to Pearl' took 19 Pearl Harbor Survivors to Hawaii to tour the USS Arizona and sites these veterans were when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the precursor to the US participation in WW ll. 
  • 'Operation at Ease' 1 & 2 transported Desert Storm era veterans to see their memorials at the High Ground in WI and in Marseilles, IL.
  • 'Operation Legacy' Volume 1 & 2 were written by community members and students at Lawrence University who told the stories of our local war veterans. 
  • 'Return to Nam' took 52 Vietnam veterans back to Vietnam to see how the country has flourished since the war and to give the veterans an opportunity to heal and get closure on their service. The 'Return to Nam' book was published as was the movie. 
  • 70th Anniversary of D-Day Commemoration at the State Capitol. We transported a busload of D-Day veterans that were honored by state officials and grateful citizens. 
  • Old Glory Honor Flight hosted special, themed DC based missions like Navy Day, Yellow Ribbon Honor Flight and multiple Green & Gold Honor Flights in partnership with the Green Bay Packers. 
  • Old Glory Honor Flight has organized and flown missions from Appleton International Airport, Austin Straubel Airport and Whittman Airport during EAA's Air Venture. 
  • To date, we've taken thousands of WWll, Korean, Vietnam and terminally ill veterans on their own honor flight but we can't stop now. Now, more than ever, we need your support. Donate now to 'Keep Em Flying'.  .