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Window Warriors
( May 1, 2020)

Old Glory Honor Flight announces Window Warriors: a snapshot of life during social distancing in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 

Photographer Jim Koepnick and Old Glory Honor Flight Executive Director, Diane MacDonald, set out to take portraits of Old Glory Honor Flight veterans living through quarantine. A perfect trifecta of veterans from WW ll, Korean and the Vietnam war who are practicing social distancing. 

"We're in a different era amidst CoVid but we are undeterred in honoring our local veterans one mission at a time. Even though we can't fly vets to DC right now, we remain focused and excited to find new, meaningful ways to highlight our heroes." said Diane. 

Portraits were taken outside looking in so no veterans were in danger at any time during their short photo shoot. More photos will be taken in the coming weeks. 

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