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Return To NAM Trip Photographer Says Memorable Moments Were Not Always Sad Ones.
( March 25, 2019)
Author: Paul Heling
Source: WTAQ News Talk Radio

Return to Nam photographer Jim Koepnick was fresh off the Old Glory Honor Flight mission when we asked what his most memorable experiences were.  There's no doubt it was an emotional journey.  The trip took the 52 Northeast Wisconsin Vietnam veterans directly to, or near, areas where bullets whizzed by them fifty years ago.  Places they lost friends.

Koepnick witnessed the emotion over the two-week trip and captured it for the Old Glory Honor Flight organization.  Surprisingly though, many of the memorable moments weren't the sad ones according to Koepnick.

"Really some of them (memorable moments) were not the sad moments, but the happy ones," said Koepnick.

"When they got together and they were telling stories.  I'd hear them behind me in the bus, or in a restaurant, and it wasn't just having a good time... but they were exchanging some of these war stories, and you could sort of feel the healing going on."


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